We are BrotherSister the (in)famous SiblingStreamers!We have been gamers our entire lives. Nerdified at a young age by our comic and videogame-loving uncles, and than getting tons of geeky reinforcement from sci-fi and fantasy-loving cousins, gaming is in our blood.We started this channel primarily as a way to stay in touch and maintain those nerdy familial bonds. Though we live far away from each other, we never wanna grow apart. This crazy digital age we live in has radically changed the ways we can do relationships, and for that we are thankful.So join us Wednesday Nights at 9pm EST for 60 minutes of glorious 90s gaming nostalgia!

We call our followers siblings because we are all one big Gamer family. Some of you are brothers, some sisters, and some are just happy being siblings. So if you play with us, you're family. Capiche?